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Timberline's site has been designed to be accessible to as many users as possible.

Firstly it mostly meets W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) standards for valid HTML and CSS (it does use third party code that fails validation) ensuring maximum usage for the vast majority of users.

Features include:

Resizable Text

The size of the textual information on this site is not fixed. This allows visitors to alter the font size on the screen making the site easier to read.

Coding Standards

Although there are not definitive standards to use when coding, Timberline's site conforms to W3C standards for HTML and CSS. Adhering to these standards makes our site accessible to those browsers that also adhere to these standards, and makes our web pages more accessible to those using screen readers and similar devices.

Browsers and Operating Systems

Timberline's web site works well across all popular browsers and many other browsers and operating systems.

Responsive Design

The web site is designed to be reponsive to the users' browser and therefore resize pages and sections including images and reposition elements as necessary. From large desktop screens to handheld mobile telephones.

Printing Pages

When users click on 'Print' in their toolbar there are options available to print the entire page or only print the relevant information (text and images) on that page.


If you find any pages difficult to access, please contact the webmaster here.

Summer Holiday Closure

We will be closed for a short holiday from Saturday 13th August reopening Monday 22nd August. It will not be possible to process online shop orders received after 11th August until our return on the 22nd August. Please consider this when placing an order in our shop or visiting our warehouse.


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Warehouse Visitors

We take the view that it is still appropriate to ask that masks be worn in the warehouse and that customers use the hand cleanser on entry. We will also be open on the basis of a maximum of 3 customers at any one time and ask that social distancing measures still be observed. Please read the notices at the door before you come in.


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