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Botanical name: Buxus sempervirens

Origin: England
Weight: 910Kg/m3
Cutting: Logs and loglets
Dryness: Air Dried
Other names: By origin, English, Pyrenean, Turkish etc.

A compact light yellow timber occasionally streaked with grey with the finest possible texture. Traditional uses include wood engraving, barometer sumps, scales for scientific instruments and violin pegs.

Logs are very slow grown and are usually less than 6” diameter. Achievable cutting sizes are reduced further by the inevitable drying shakes.

Price per Ft3, pc. or kg. for net sales ...
  over £750.00 over £300.00 over £150.00 under £150.00
Logs 'A' grade
£4.46 £4.94 £5.36 £5.95
Logletts Kg £4.46 £4.94 £5.36 £5.95

Logs - 'B' grade

£3.19 £3.52 £3.83 £4.25
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