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Macassar Ebony

Botanical name: Diospyros celebica

Origin: Celebes Islands
Weight: 1090Kg/m3
Cutting: 2 square edged boards 3" and wider 3' and longer.
Dryness: Kiln dried
Other names: similar to coromandel, calamander wood

Black, finely streaked with bands of yellow to greyish brown. Very hard and heavy with a beautiful surface when finished. Very well suited for fancy work of the highest order giving consistently astounding results.

Price per Ft3, pc. or kg. for net sales ...
  over £750.00 over £300.00 over £150.00 under £150.00
26mm Ft3 £712.50 £788.50 £855.00 £950.00
Old Stock 35mm - 40mm Ft3 £596.25 £659.85 £715.50 £795.00
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